Tuesday, December 18, 2007

King tells new judges to be free from bias

General News - Tuesday December 18, 2007


King tells new judges to be free from bias

His Majesty the King yesterday told newly appointed judges and military judges not to submit to bias that may be stirred in them by ''some people'' who act unlawfully.

The King told the judges to keep their words during a ceremony when they took an oath of integrity at the Chitralada Palace yesterday evening.

''Some people still want to walk on the wrong path and maintain bias. They have tried to find ways to deceive [you] all the time,'' the King told the judges.

''But you must be strong and keep it [justice] with you for life.''

His Majesty expressed worry about judicial objectivity, as it could be rocked and challenged by wrongdoers aiming to avoid state laws. But without effective law enforcement, he said, the nation would collapse.

''So you must keep your oath staunchly,'' he said.

The King also warned the judges against self-interest which would lead to partiality and hinder them from doing good deeds for the country.

''Good deeds are hardly done because of bias,'' he said.

''Bias occurs when people are concerned about their personal interests,'' he said.

The King yesterday granted separate audiences to a group of judges led by Supreme Court president Vichai Limwichai, and military judges led by Defence Minister Boonrawd Somtas.

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