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General News - Monday December 17, 2007

Bangkok Post

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''Let us consider the reasons of the case. For nothing is law that is not reason.'' SONGDEJ PRADITSMANONT Bangkok

Sound was painful Since the Bangkok Post sponsored the 5th Bangkok Jazz Festival, Dec 8-10, for which I bought a three-day ticket, I would like to express my deep disappointment with this festival.

In contrast to the third and fourth festivals, this year's festival was painful to my ears and those of all jazz-loving listeners. I am not referring to the performers, but to the absolutely unnatural sound created by using sub-woofers worse than those in a techno discotheque.

The extreme amplification of bass reminded me of the sound quality of outdoor wedding festivals in the countryside. Listening to Japanese artist Kitaro on Saturday and Jack Lee on Monday was particularly painful because the dynamics of the music was completely lost.

With this quality of sound, I am afraid, no renowned jazz artist will perform in Bangkok in the future, and for my part I will check the sound quality before I buy a ticket to next year's festival if it takes place at all. HERBERT LAUBER Why ban tourist fun? I'm totally disgusted by the alcohol bans during the advance polls and general election.

What will happen next to the tourist industry only now recovering from the December 2004 tsunami and the horrific plane disaster this year in Phuket?

The alcohol bans pose another disaster for tourism. It means tourists will never again want to come to Thailand during the main two-week peak holiday season. These tourists have been looking forward to a great holiday since they reserved their air tickets and hotels, spending thousands of dollars. Tourism in Thailand is already a mess, so why does the government want to make it worse?

I have lived here for 10 years and will remain, but I want people on holiday to enjoy themselves and return home to tell others about their great adventure in amazing Thailand. PAUL SLACK Evils of soda water The government has sunk to a new level of stupidity with the latest ban on alcohol. One cannot but wonder if they managed to stop any of those 'boozy parties' they are worried about.

As silly as that may be, it pales besides the fact that when my wife and I went to a restaurant we were actually refused soda water. Yes, soda water.

Perhaps one day their grandchildren will ask: ''What did you do in government, Grandpa?''

''Well, I saved the country from excessive use of soda water.'' VICTIM OF THE CLAW Chiang Rai

What is NLA doing? In a democratic society, to hold an election the house must be dissolved and the whole cabinet, including the prime minister, must take on caretaker status. Why has such a normal democratic process been missed or neglected in Thailand?

One to two weeks before the election the NLA is still passing laws. What is going on? Don't tell me that sooner or later this election is going to be declared illegal by the courts. OM P. TIWARI Deport complainer Susan Sutton's letter (''Oversized complaint'', Postbag, Dec 13) was insulting, ignorant, nonsensical, psychotically suspect and mean-spirited. There is a very simple solution to her problem. Deport her!

She is an undesirable alien and should be returned to the place which spawned her. She is an embarrassment to the expat community and undeserving of the benefits and privileges of living in this beautiful country. FRED HARVEY Chon Buri

Issue is not girth,

but tolerance The reactions to Susan Sutton and her comments on such things as the spaciousness of Bangkok's mass transport system, taxis and local couture were extremely varied and amusing.

I have an alternative view to express; Ms Sutton, beyond being oversized, is biased and racist. If she and the rest of society made an effort to accept people different than themselves, we could live much more comfortably with each other.

I do not only mean this in terms of girth, but also in religion, politics, customs and other differences. Please don't chastise Ms Sutton for being oversized. We should chastise her for being narrow-minded with people unlike herself. GARY LILLEOIEN Nonthaburi

Chiang Mai Suttons

don't all think alike The awful things Susan Sutton has said, published in a national newspaper, are indeed upsetting.Whatever is wrong with this lady?

We share the same last name and I also live in Chiang Mai. I therefore must apologise to all readers and assure them that we Suttons have the greatest respect for this country, the Royal Family and the Buddhist faith and we consider Thai people kind and considerate and a pleasure to live with. And the availability of clothing of all sizes and excellent tailors at very low cost are far better than most in farang countries.

I first came to Thailand 40 years ago and have since lived in many other Asian and European countries until eventually retiring in Chiang Mai.

Susan's insulting comments about Thai ladies and their choice of makeup was unbelievable because a very high standard of personal grooming is in fact the norm here.

No country is perfect. We do have to tolerate shocking bad driving and complete disregard for basic road rules, as well as blatant racism and subsequent insults when being overcharged for entry into resort areas. But if we don't like it we can always leave.

This farang is very happy in Thailand KEITH SUTTON Chiang Mai

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