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Border police recall 'quiet compassion'

Border police recall 'quiet compassion'

Former Border Patrol Police Bureau commissioner Somsak Kwangsopa was deeply touched by the compassion HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana had for every border policeman during her lifelong work with the late HRH the Princess Sri Nagarindra the Princess Mother.

Published on January 3, 2008

Both Princesses always visited border patrol police in remote areas across the country and brought medical volunteers to treat sick villagers and wounded police. They also provided them with moral support and the basic necessities for them to live in the harsh conditions in the mountains.

Somsak, now chief of the Village Scouts, said Princess Galyani continued the Princess Mother's work after her mother's death, including visiting officials in remote villages.

In 2005, the Princess, who managed the Princess Sri Nagarindra Fund, donated Bt1.4 million to wounded soldiers and police. Somsak said the Princess told him that she gave extra funds for soldiers and police because they had to work in the three southernmost provinces.

"I felt deeply overwhelmed by her compassion. I brought her kind words to tell every border soldier,'' he said.

Former Border Patrol Police Bureau deputy commissioner Maj-General Borworn Songkasiri, was trusted by the Princess to follow her on visits to soldiers in remote places even after his retirement three years ago. "Princess Galyani commanded love from Thais across the country. The Princess always helped the people and loved her subjects,'' he said.

Borworn had worked for the Princess for more than 10 years since he was a police captain. "The Princess was calm, quiet and very kind to people. She always cared for everyone who worked for her,'' he said.

Borworn was overwhelmed when he went to the Princess to tell her that he had reached retirement age and could no longer follow her on any trip, but the Princess said he could continue working for her. "I was delighted because it showed that she trusted me,'' he said.

He said the harsh conditions of the remote provinces had never discouraged the Princess from going to meet her subjects. "She would walk as close as she could to see how the doctors treated the villagers. Some places were so awful even strong healthy people could be discouraged, but the Princess always had a strong will like the Princess Mother. She once said she must go to every place in Thailand, no matter the weather,'' he said.

During a visit to Koh Kood in Trat, the Princess was soaked by heavy rain as she insisted she had to go and meet her waiting subjects because she did not want to disappoint them. "Although the Princess was quiet, she had a sense of humour to people around her. She made us smile. She was a model teacher,'' Borworn said.

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