Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Conference on sexuality studies held in Bangkok

Conference on sexuality studies held in Bangkok

Academics and non-governmental organisations Monday hosted the country's first "Annual Conference on Sexuality Studies in Thai Society" at Bangkok's Ratanakosin Hotel.

The conference was to inform people on sexual health and help reduce illness and deaths resulting from unprotected sex.

Associate Professor Kritaya Archavanitkul from Mahidol University's Institute for Population and Social Research, said that the conference, which ends today, was the first of its kind aimed at giving the public a new perspective. In the past, older people tended to view the younger generation's sexual expressions as inappropriate and problematic.

Kritaya said the conference wanted society to view that young people were neither the cause of problems nor victims.

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Gothom quits as NLA member

Gothom Areeya Monday confirmed that he has resigned as a member of the National Legislative Assembly.

Gothon submitted his resignation to the Assembly speaker on December 21 and the resignation became effective on December 24.

He said that he waited for his resignation to become effective after the December 23 election as the NLA would then have finished its duty in considering bills.

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Seven police officers arrested for allegedly spying for Muslim insurgents

Pattani - Seven police officers have been arrested for allegedly spying for Muslim insurgents in the three southern border provinces, a well-informed police source said Monday.

The source said the seven officers were arrested following the arrest of three army intelligence officers.

The source said the seven police offices and three army officers were suspected of providing all details of operations to Muslim insurgents.

The seven police officers have been being detained and interrogated at the army base in Pattani.

All of the ten officers are Muslims.

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EC issues 4 yellow cards against 3 PPP candidates, 1 Democrat candidate

The Election Commission Monday issued four more yellow cards against a winning candidate of the Democrat Party and three winning candidates of the People Power Party.

EC Commissioner Praphan Naikowit announced that Suthat Jansaengsi, a winning candidate of the Democrat Party in Phetchabun's Constituency 1 was disqualified.

The EC also disqualified the three top-vote earners in Udon Thani's Constituency 1. They are PPP candidates Surathin Phimarnmekhin, Anan Sriphan and Cherdchai Wichianwan.

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CNS chairman says Buri Ram governor should resign if failing to control protesters

ACM Chalit Pukpasuk, acting chairman of the Council for National Security, said Monday the Buri Ram governor should consider resigning for failing to control protesters against the provincial Election Commission.

On Friday, about 10,000 protesters protested outside the provincial EC office after three People Power Party candidates were disqualified.

Air Force Commander-in-Chief Chalit said the provincial government had the responsibility to keep law and order.

He said if the governor failed to carry out his responsibility, he should consider leaving the position.

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