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Doctors ensured she went peacefully

Doctors ensured she went peacefully

Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana died at 2.54am yesterday at the age of 84, many months after being admitted to Bangkok's Siriraj Hospital, the Royal Household Bureau said.

Published on January 3, 2008

The Princess passed away peacefully, said Dr Teerawat Kulthanan, dean of Mahidol University's Faculty of Medicine.

"Their Majesties the King and Queen and other members of the Royal Family had visited the Princess. She went peacefully," he said.

A team of doctors, from all branches of medicine, did their utmost to treat her and minimise her suffering.

Princess Galayani was admitted on June 15 after developing abdominal discomfort. Doctors detected cancer cells and put her under treatment.

Since October 25, the Royal Household Bureau had regularly released statements informing the public about her condition as she underwent treatment.

The King and other Royal Family members regularly visited her.

Every day crowds would gather at Siriraj Centennial Pavilion in the hospital to sign a reception book to wish her a speedy recovery.

During the months of treatment, her condition was sometimes stable while at other times there were wide fluctuations.

On October 25, she had problems with the right side of her body and scans found some parts of her brain were dysfunctional because of blood clots.

Three days later, the Princess developed numbness on her right side and a computerised X-ray examination showed an extensive area of infection on the left side of her brain,

On November 2, she became more conscious and was able to take more food. Her blood pressure was normal as doctors prescribed treatment and physical therapy

Throughout November, the Princess's condition was improving and became more stable.

Sometimes she was able to move her right arm, sitting up in bed for longer periods, and she could occasionally sit in a wheelchair.

However, she was still on medication, tube-fed with food supplements and undergoing physical therapy.

Her condition worsened in December.

In a statement on December 12, the Royal Household Bureau said she was tired, felt some discomfort in her abdomen and had a fever.

Though her condition improved a few days later, doctors on December 23 found her level of consciousness had not recovered. They continued to closely monitor her situation.

On December 24, the bureau issued its 30th statement saying she had no fever and had not suffered muscular convulsions. But her stamina and awareness levels had not improved, it added.

Doctors continued to provide medication for convulsions, administering nutritional supplements intravenously, closely observing her respiration.

The Princess was weaker on New Year's Eve. The bureau's statement that day said she had become more tired and had difficulty breathing.

Doctors also administered antibiotics to treat an infection in her blood system.

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