Tuesday, January 15, 2008

EC yellow-cards three PPP winners in Prae

EC yellow-cards three PPP winners in Prae

(BangkokPost.com) – The Election Commission has raised the ire of the People’s Network for Elections (P-Net) by yellow-carding three more People Power party (PPP) winners.

The latest yellow cards were given to PPP candidates who contested in constituency 1 of Prae province. They include Worawat Ua-apinyakul, Niyom Wiwatjitkul and Panhathai Serirak.

P-Net official Somchai Srisutthiyakorn urged the EC to think carefully before issuing red and yellow cards in the future and hinted that favouritism played a large part in the EC’s decision-making.

“Several times we have seen that yellow and red cards were intentionally given to a group of people or individuals, therefore, prejudice is still a major problem within the EC. Another problem is the internal bickering amongst Election Commissioners which could result in people losing respect in the agency altogether,” he warned.

13:33 Jan 14, 2008

Bus operators to request fare hike

(BangkokPost.com) – The Bus Operators Association of Thailand will request permission from the Transport Ministry to raise bus fares again due to the impact of rising global oil prices.

The association’s President, Suchinda Cherdchai is preparing to lead fellow members to meet with Deputy Transport Minister Sansern Wongcha-um this morning. The Land Transport Department had already granted a fare hike of 3 satang per kilometre in October 2007 but bus operators say this is not enough.

“There is a strong chance that the price of diesel will further increase and could push past the 30 baht per litre mark,” he said.

“We would like authorities involved to consider granting bus operators another fare hike. This time, we will most probably propose a hike of more than 3 satang per kilometer.”

12:30 Jan 14, 2008

Respect often outranks pay as motivator in Asia

Singapore (dpa) - Respect from the boss outranks basic pay as a motivator for getting employees in major Asian economies to do their best, a poll said on Monday.

Carried out by consulting firm Mercer, the findings showed employees in China and India viewed respect over pay.

The type of work emerged as the top factor in India, with employees putting opportunities for personal growth, promotion prospects and long-term career potential before reimbursement.

Base pay was only marginally ahead of respect in Singapore and South Korea, the poll said, but found it paramount among the Japanese.

"Generally speaking, Asian employees want respect in the workplace," said Rajan Srikanth, Mercer Asia-Pacific's head of human capital.

If employers "become better listeners, showing employees that they are valued and that their role in the success of the business is crucial, they could be offering the employee a value proposition that cannot be easily refused," Srikanth said.

12:22 Jan 14, 2008

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