Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Farmers clash over water from Ping river

Farmers clash over water from Ping river

A conflict over water sharing between two groups of farmers from two northern provinces erupted yesterday, with each side wanting more water to feed their farms. Hundreds of farmers from Phichit's Sam Ngam district and from Kamphaeng Phet province engaged in heated arguments over water sharing from the Ping river.

Phichit farmers accused farmers from neighbouring Kamphaeng Phet _ who live near the Thor Thongdaeng irrigation canal which diverts water from the Ping river _ of pumping water from the canal to feed their farms and closing water gates, leaving insufficient water for people in the upper part of the canal.

Deputy Phichit governor Suvit Watcharothayangkul stepped in, urging everyone to observe rules set by a district irrigation office in Kamphaeng Phet.

A committee will be set up to supervise the opening and closing of water gates.

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