Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fraud probes must be fair

Fraud probes must be fair

Khao Sod Editorial _ To dispel all doubts about its partiality, the Election Commission must investigate all poll fraud cases with utmost transparency and fairness. The Dec 23 general election was held with great enthusiasm among the electorate, with more than 74% exercising their rights on that day.

The EC is handling a number of poll fraud complaints that may lead to more candidates being given yellow or red cards. The investigation into these complaints must be done with utmost transparency and fairness.

People in Buri Ram province have rallied in support of three People Power party candidates who were red-carded. The rally raised political temperatures amid calls for national unity and reconciliation.

The PPP is forming a coalition government with smaller parties, while the Democrat party, which gained the second-most seats, is waiting on the sidelines.

We urge all parties to think twice before expressing their political views. They must try to avoid creating further division in society. All these parties have declared that the outcome of the election represented a victory for the voters. Now they must translate their words into real actions.

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