Friday, January 11, 2008

Guar injured by hunters

Guar injured by hunters

A guar that suffered serious wounds from hunters can return to the wild as soon as it can stand on its own, according to a team of veterinarians tending the ox-like animal.

Published on January 7, 2008

The male bull can now eat on its own with occasional assisted tube-feeding, said veterinarian Jessada Thaewnern of the state-run Khao Kheow Zoo in Chon Buri.

The eight-year-old, 800-kilogram beast was found tied to a rope trap in the jungle at Ang Khanai Wildlife Sanctuary on Saturday. It had also been shot under its right eye and at its right hip, while it had a severe cut to its right hind leg bound by the rope.

Jessada said the guar was receiving intravenous glucose and saline solutions, and could now eat up to 20kg of grass and drink up to 10 litres of water each day - amounts close to its regular intake.

The beast has been lifted to a standing position for one hour each time three to four times a day with a special suspension device.

Jessada said the guar needed to stand on its own in order to survive after being released into the wild. A thorough X-ray will be conducted to determine whether its hip bone or right leg had been broken.

The guar, also known as an Indian bison, is found in India and Southeast Asia.

Yoo Senatham, chief of the Ang Khanai Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers five provinces in the East, said the sanctuary was the most fertile jungle area at sea level in Thailand. It covers 674,352 rai and is home to rare and endangered species.

Meanwhile, a man with a gunshot wound to his forehead was found dead yesterday in the jungle near the Thai-Cambodian border in Trat's Bo Rai district. He was identified as a poacher named Charnchai Phetlam, who had died around two days earlier. Police believe his rifle backfired.

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