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Here's hoping for some NFL redemption

Wiggins' World

Here's hoping for some NFL redemption


Wiggins World, if nothing else, holds itself accountable.

Thus, I'll be the first one to admit - and not conveniently ignore, as other pundits are apt to do - that I blew it on my NFC East pre-season prognosis.

I predicted a Philadelphia cakewalk due to a Dallas disaster, a New York nightmare and a Washington washout.

Turns out, three of the above made the NFL post-season and none of them was the Eagles.

However, in my defence, there WERE a number of unforeseen developments.

Who knew that the Cowboys widely panned coaching choice Wade Philips would be a mere puppet and wonderboy assistant Jason Garrett would be pulling most of his strings.

Or that the formerly grousing New York Giants would be a classic example of addition by subtraction (of mouthy retired superstar Tiki Barber)?

Further, Nostradamus himself could not have predicted the Skins surviving a series of Joe Gibbs coaching blunders to squeeze in as the lowest NFC seed.

And what of my choice Philadelphia, you ask?

Well, the Eagles lost five games by four points or less. But if they win just two of those close games, they're 10-6 and a play-off shoo-in.

Alas, were ifs and buts candies and nuts, we'd all have a Merry Christmas.

And close only counts in hand grenades and dancing.

So, all I can say is: Hey, did I not also say the American League pennant winner would skunk the National League rep in the World Series?

And was Boston's sweep of Colorado not a skunking?

That makes me one of my last two. 50 per cent shooting in the NBA (National Bricktossers Association) makes me a mega-star.

Thus, I feel deserving of a shot at NFL redemption.

Here's how I see it all going down in a post-season that will be impacted significantly by the availability of injured star players.

In the NFC, Matt Hasselbeck is the best bald QB since Y.A. Title and he'll lead Seattle to a first round win over Washington.

But without banged-up running back Shaun Alexander the one-dimensional Seahawks will bow out in the conference semis versus Green Bay.

The Giants, even without tight end Jeremy Shockey, will have too much offense for Tampa Bay in round one but not enough to hang with Dallas in the other semi-final - IF Terrell Owens is recovered from his high ankle sprain, that is.

I see 'Boys QB Tony Romo hooking up with T.O. for a couple of TD tosses versus New York and then scoring with Jessica Simpson afterwards.

Come the NFC title tilt, the Packers will run out of serendipity and bow to the Cowboys and their head sideline cheerleader Wade Phillips.

In the AFC, Jacksonville and Tennessee, nicked Vince Young or no, will make first round exits.

QB Ben Roethlisberger will look great passing Pittsburgh past the Jags but like an immature punk wearing his sideline cap backwards.

Without running back Willie Parker, however, the Steelers will be ousted by hatless Tom Brady and New England in the semis.

San Diego's red hot LaDainian Tomlinson runs all over the Titans but Charger QB Philip Rivers is no match for the Colts' Peyton Manning and Indy jolts the Bolts in round two.

The Patriots will then squeeze by the Colts (with gimpy receiver Marvin Harrison and minus ace pass rusher Dwight Freeney) to win the AFC crown.

The post-Super Bowl XLII coachshake will find victorious Pats head man Bill Belichick wet-fishing "Pom-Poms" Phillips.

You can count on these picks - on account of I said so.

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