Monday, January 07, 2008

Keeping fit tops the list


Keeping fit tops the list

Millions of people last week made a New Year's resolution to keep fit. But will it last?

Research shows that starting a new diet and fitness regime is the most popular New Year's resolution, with January the prime time to take out gym membership.

But by February, around 30% of new members will struggle to get to the gym even once a week and by the end of the year, four in 10 will have given up altogether.

But the good news is that simply standing up might be as good for you as working out in the gym. Simply pottering around the house could help keep you fit.

Studies have shown that the body's metabolism reacts differently when people are standing to when they are sitting, with fat more likely to be burned than stored.


Charles on a high horse

Britain's Prince Charles has lashed out at a member of the media, reportedly calling a photographer "an annoying little prat", according to London newspapers.

He made the comment as he rode around the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, where the prince was celebrating the holidays with members of the royal family.

The prince scowled as he pulled his horse around one photographer and snapped: "Get out of the way, you annoying little prat. Can't anybody have a ride in peace?"

One onlooker commented: " I don't think he wanted to be bothered by anyone. He looked really angry and had a face like thunder."

The prince then set off at a gallop.


Barking mad

Britain's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) answers more than a million queries every year, some a bit more bizarre than others.

One caller asked: "Can you come and get a fly off a web?" Another pet lover phoned to report: "My fish has lost its balance. It's depressed."

Officials at the centre also raised their eyebrows when someone called to say: "There is a frog in my pond that has swallowed a golf ball." There was a similar response after a caller said: "Can you come and get a spider out of my Dyson?"

The strangest call came from someone claiming he was dressed as a dog and his girlfriend was beating him so he wanted to log a complaint against her.


No escaping the law

The long arm of the law has finally reached a Queensland man who was convicted last week for a driving offence he committed in Alice Springs 20 years ago.

Edward Gary Roberts allegedly cut a corner while driving in Alice Springs in 1987.

Roberts was in Queensland when he got a call from the Alice Springs Magistrates Court to tell him he was charged with crossing double lines 20 years earlier.

Roberts pleaded guilty, explaining he had not stayed to face the charges in 1987 because his mother got sick.

He was fined and wished a Happy New Year.

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