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Local games headed for world market

Local games headed for world market

A new Thai game software firm, Studio Nocturne, has signed a contract with a world-class game publisher for the distribution of its "Makeup Diva" for Nintendo DS on the world market.

Published on January 8, 2008

Studio Nocturne was established late last year. Chief executive Pongrapee Thongsri-noon said its business goal was to promote the recognition of Thai games on the global stage and prove their international quality.

He said the development of "Makeup Diva" began with selling the idea to publishers. Then, the game attracted a deal with a world-class Top-5 publisher to market it around the world. Studio Nocturne will supervise the development of both the game prototype and later, the entire game.

"Makeup Diva" and another of the company's games, "Housewife Superstar", were introduced at the Game Developers' Conference 2007- the largest annual gathering of professional video-game developers - in San Francisco last year. The two games soon became the talk of the world game community.

The concept of "Makeup Diva" involves a collection of parodies on real-life cosmetic failures, including a very topical shaving of a celebrity's hair.

The development of "Makeup Diva" will involve collaboration among four local game software companies: Studio Nocturne, Corecell Technology, Imagimax Animation and Design Studio, and Sanuk Software.

"Studio Nocturne is responsible for the overall game development, ideas and concept, while the other companies will lend support in different areas where they are keen. Sanuk Software and Corecell Technology will take care of development stuff and Imagimax will help with the game's graphics," Pongrapee said.

The game prototype of "Makeup Diva" has now been completed. The full version is expected to be complete later in the year and the title will be launched by December.

The concept of "Housewife Superstar" is basically about being a perfect housewife - learning flower arranging, embroidery, cooking, dressing for different occasions and various other things. The goal of the game is to become a perfect housewife.

The prototype was completed at the end of last year and further development is being negotiated with publishers. "Housewife Superstar" is expected to be completely developed by the end of the year and will be available in 2009.

Studio Nocturne was the first game company to receive support from the National Innovation Agency's Prototype Fund. Its "Housewife Superstar" not only has innovation embedded in its development, but also has commercial potential on the global market. The fund provided half the budget of game prototype development.

Asina Pornwasin

The Nation

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