Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Public invited to late Princess exhibition

Public invited to late Princess exhibition

( – Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayodhin is inviting members of the public to visit an exhibition in honour of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana at the Bangkok City Hall.

The exhibition is spread across four booths, each detailing HRH Princess Galyani’s life history, her talents, her work for the Kingdom and its people and the many foundations she founded.

The exhibition is open to visitors from 9am onwards and will run through to April 11.

Mr Apirak added that a merit-making ceremony where alms will be given to 185 Buddhist monks will take place in honour of HRH Princes Galyani on January 9 at the City Hall.

10:55 Jan 07, 2008

EC resumes endorsement process of MPs

( – The Election Commission (EC) will resume the endorsement process of MPs on Monday, after having already given the green light to 397 MPs who have no record of corruption on January 3.

Election Commissioners are due to endorse six more MPs today – 4 from the People Power party and 2 from the Democrat party. These MPs have had electoral fraud charges against them lifted.

According to EC member Sodsri Sattayatham, another issue on today’s agenda will be the deliberation of 75 other MPs charged with electoral fraud.

09:01 Jan 07, 2008

Narathiwat bombing causes minor injuries

( – Police are on the hunt for those responsible for setting off a bomb near an outdoor market in Narathiwat province on Sunday evening.

The explosion was triggered by remote control and took place at a parking lot for motorcycles outside Bang Nak market in Muang municipality. There were reports of minor injuries received by local vendors including a woman with heart problems who passed out at the scene.

Authorities later discovered that the explosive device, a homemade ammonia nitrate bomb contained inside a metal pipe, had been placed inside the motorcycle.

08:28 Jan 07, 2008

Malaysia busts palm oil-smuggling attempt

Malaysian marine police on Sunday foiled an attempt to smuggle cooking oil into Thailand with the seizure of more than 3,800kg of palm oil valued at 10,000 Malaysian ringgit, or about 100,000 baht.

The seizure was the first made by the authorities in Kelantan state, which borders Narathiwat province in the South. A Malaysian man in his 50s was detained in the case, according to the Malaysian press monitored on Monday in Bangkok.

A marine officer said police spotted a man riding a motorcycle near the jetty at Pak Mat Seda at noon. "They stopped him and found 25 boxes, each containing 17 packages of cooking oil," on him, jreports said.

"After questioning him, the officers were taken to a store nearby where they seized 209 boxes."

Investigations showed the consignment was to be sent to suppliers in Thailand.

The cooking oil is reportedly sold in Thailand for 320 baht per kilogramme, while it is priced at the equivalent of 250 baht in Malaysia.

08:05 Jan 07, 2008

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