Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Small band of faithful cheers on Potjaman

Small band of faithful cheers on Potjaman


''Fight, Potjaman, fight!'' the small group roared and clapped as Khunying Potjaman Shinawatra emerged from the Supreme Court, where she had heard the charge of corruption in the Ratchadaphisek land deal against her.

Wearing a black suit and sunglasses, the wife of deposed prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra returned the cheers with a smile.

The band of faithful supporters outside the court near Sanam Luang was not in the hundreds, as it used to be wherever she and her husband went when Mr Thaksin was in power.

Only about 10 of them waited to see her at the court after learning Khunying Potjaman would return to Bangkok on a flight from Hong Kong to fight corruption charges.

Among them were Jinnithi Dingthamrongkul and Landorn Marasa, who had no hesitation coming to see her.

Ms Jinnithi said only a few supporters showed up because they had only short notice of Khunying Potjaman's return.

She had learned of it from a news broadcast at 1am, and immediately went to buy flowers to greet her with.

''I spent until dawn arranging a bouquet for her and then rushed from the house this morning to wait for her,'' the 40-year-old vendor said.

Ms Jinnithi said she missed Mr Thaksin and his family and wanted to read or hear more about them through the media.

''Today I feel like a close relative has come home,'' she said.

Mr Landorn came straight from Nakhon Sawan to give Khunying Potjaman moral support.

''I am Mr Thaksin's faithful fan and I came today to show my faith in the Shinawatra family,'' the 27-year-old barber said.

''I love him and feel sorry for what he and his family are going through,'' he added.

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