Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Upper House nominations trickling in

Upper House nominations trickling in

Organisations eligible to put foward candidates for senate selection are being urged to submit their nominations, which close on Jan 17. Only 12 organisations in five sectors have put forward nominees.

Panthep Klanarongran, a member of the senate selection committee, said legally registered organisations should nominate their candidates to the Election Commission (EC) so the selection committee can consider their qualifications.

The committee, headed by the president of the Constitution Court, will have a sub-committee conclude the qualification considerations on Jan 23 and the committee will select 74 candidates by Feb 22.

The 74 appointed senators will be joined by 76 elected ones to form the 150-member Upper House. The election of 76 provincial senators is set for March 2. The 74 senators will be selected to represent groups from the professional, government, academic, business and private sectors. These organisations must have been registered for three years and must not be profit-making.

Sarawut Benchakul, the deputy secretary-general of the Office of the Judiciary, said a number of former judges, senior judges and former judicial officials were vying to be senatorial nominees.

The Judicial Commission will receive the list of all applicants on Jan 14 and pick only one as its senatorial nominee.

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