Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Victim's father slams lack of medical care


Victim's father slams lack of medical care

The father of a train passenger hurt by stones thrown by young vandals is dissatisfied with the quality of care his son received from state railway staff. Boonthan Harnthalay, 45, a resort owner in Trang province, spoke after his 21-year-old son Boonthanes suffered a deep cut on his forehead. He said the cut was bleeding and relatives asked the driver to stop the train so his son could go to a local hospital for stitches.

The driver refused and did not stop until an hour later, when the train reached Thung Song station in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, he said.

The father said the train driver could have stopped because rail traffic between Trang station and Thung Song station was very light at that time of day.

The No.84 train did not have a nurse on board or even a first aid kit, he said. Relatives desperately searched for a piece of cloth to stop the bleeding.

Mr Boonthan said he plans to file an official complaint with local railway authorities and the governor of the State Railway of Thailand. He wants better medical assistance available on trains.

Mr Boonthanes was hit while sitting in the dining car as the train was passing through tambon Nong Prue of Ratsada district in Trang around 6pm on Sunday.

He was the victim of a gang of five children aged eight to 12 who threw rocks and empty bottles at the train as it passed through their neighbourhood. They have been arrested and told police they were inspired by news reports of robbers stoning vehicles on highways, and thought it would be fun.

Praphat Maikhao, chief of Trang railway station, said not all trains would have a nurse, but they certainly did have a first aid kit on board.

An official inquiry will be held into the incident. He said the area where the attack occurred was under the jurisdiction of Thung Song railway station.

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