Sunday, August 24, 2008

Editor's Note

Editor's Note

Many of us aspire to study abroad, but few have the resources. Also, once we do go abroad to study, for many Thais it is a rude awakening.

I was excited to head to a college in the US and met with students of the college I had chosen, who were on a promotional tour in Thailand. They had all positive things to say about the place. Confident that I had made the right choice, I headed to the "land of the free" for a higher education.

However, I was in for a rude shock. Despite the college being one of the best in the US, the hotel where I stayed before the term was a complete disaster. The college had recommended it. It was located far from the campus and the cost of commuting to the campus ate into my first month's pocket money.

There were many more glitches that followed, but with not much information on hand and at 19 - alone in a new country - I had very little options.

The world today is very different. Everything from the kind of school to the kind of hotel or dorm, and other small details can be found on the Internet.

If and when a person is prepared to take the huge step and study abroad, he or she must do their homework, to make sure that they know their way around small obstacles in an alien land.

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