Saturday, August 23, 2008

Index debuts VIP branding


Index debuts VIP branding


Index Event Agency, a subsidiary of GMM Grammy Plc, has introduced Youngdee, a personal branding service, targeting celebrities and well-known people outside show business.

Kriengkarn Kanjanapokin, the company's co-CEO, pointed out that the the personal branding business had been popular for a long time overseas.

For example, American billionaire Donald Trump hired a professional to build his ''brand''. Today, he plays many roles including guest speaker, TV show host and writer, all of which help amplify his fortune.

''This business is new in Thailand but it has room to grow, as the market has only a few players. There are a lot of outstanding Thai people whose high potential has not been used,'' he said.

To build a personal brand, the agency will look at a person as a product. It will study his or her strengths and weaknesses and decide how to manage them and promote that person as a brand.

The first client for the service is the well-known songwriter Nitipong Hornak, who wants to be seen as someone who does more than writing songs. His first foray was to run for Bangkok senator early this year where he won the second highest number of votes.

Mr Nitipong, an executive director of GMM Grammy, was behind the scenes most of his career, writing songs that turned many singers into superstars. From now on, he will step before the curtains to perform shows, be a guest speaker or a product presenter.

In December or January, Mr Nitipong and Index Event Agency will launch the Nitipong Hornak on the Hill concert. He will have a 'Concert with Someone Special' later next year. The first planned concert should generate over 20 million baht to Index.

Kriengkrai Kanjanapokin, another co-CEO of Index, said the company was approaching potential persons to use the personal branding service.

''Dealing with personal-branding clients will involve various details such as contract duration and fees. This will depend on individual potential and their backgrounds that will demand different efforts to build their popularity,'' he added.

Mr Nitipong, who is also the Youngdee project creator, expected personal branding to transform him into a valuable product that would generate a higher income for himself.

Mr Kriengkrai said the personal branding service could even grow to be a new company in the future.

This year, Index expects to generate 1.2 billion baht in revenues as it has more than 100 events scheduled in the latter half. In the first half, it recorded revenues of 459 million baht.

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