Thursday, August 28, 2008

Industries urged to back clean projects

Industries urged to back clean projects

CDM schemes aimed at sustainable growth


The Industrial Works Department hopes to see more industrial sector participation in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects as this will promote sustainable industrial growth. CDM projects involve reduced or more efficient energy use in the manufacturing sector, as well as better care for the environment.

Currently, the Thailand Green House Gas Management Organisation and the cabinet have certified 38 CDM projects _ mainly biogas, biomass and land-fill gas and waste-water treatment projects from biogas. Another 22 projects are awaiting approval.

Industrial Works Department director general Rachada Singalavanija described the CDM projects as a means to improve industry's competitiveness in world markets.

''Project owners will also benefit from selling Certified Emission Reductions (CERs),'' he said.

In 2000, Thailand was ranked the world's 25th largest greenhouse gas emitter and the 7th among Asian nations. The country currently emits 344.21 million tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere _ 193 million tonnes from the energy industry, 82.8 tonnes from the agricultural sector and 18 million tonnes from the industrial sector.

Mr Rachada said it was likely the greenhouse emission rate would increase further and the private sector should recognise its potential impact on their international business and on the country's environment.

However, Mr Rachada acknowledged that joining CDM projects is a challenge for some sectors.

''CDM projects can be relatively expensive and may not be fruitful investments for small operations, as they will have to produce substantial CERs to attract credit buyers,'' Mr Rachada said.

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