Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Mall Group commits to UN environmental mission


The Mall Group commits to UN environmental mission


Ms Supaluck and Mr Chamnarn show new green bags as part of the campaign.

The Mall Group, the country's second largest retail chain, is to work with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to create a ''green'' role model that promotes environmental conservation.

As well as working with UNEP, the group will co-operate with other partners including the Energy Ministry and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration on the second phase of its green campaign this year, said vice chairman Supaluck Umpujh.

''We will continue to implement measures and campaigns to raise consumer awareness of sustainability and to change behaviour and attitudes, particularly among the younger generation,'' she said.

Ms Supaluck said the group planned a series of green campaigns focusing on the theme of reduce, reuse and recycle. Promotional materials will be installed this year in every department to raise customer awareness and spread the campaign's message.

''Thailand uses up to 5.2 billion plastic bags per year,'' said Ms Supaluck.

''As the retail sector has become the heartbeat of a modern lifestyle, we will go forward in thinking green with sustainable plans.''

The Mall Group started its green campaign last year and plans to reduce the use of plastic bags at its retail outlets, including The Mall, The Emporium and Siam Paragon, by 6% from 100 million bags per year. It also hopes to cut expenses on electricity bills by 5%.

The group's Home Fresh Mart supermarket already provides packaging without foam and all outlets offer recycled plastic bags. Some 100 million baht will be invested in package recycling.

Chamnarn Maythaprechakul, the group's senior vice-president for marketing, said the group plans to negotiate with all of its suppliers to make their packaging environmentally friendly and to increase their range of green products.

The group also plans to turn waste from fresh vegetables to LPG gas and to encourage tenants inside its department stores to use drinking water in glass bottles. A green label is also planned for products available at its outlets.

Dechen Tsering, deputy regional director of UNEP, said it wanted to encourage retailers and consumers to become environmentally friendly and socially responsible by facing three major challenges _ reducing environmental impacts and carbon emission from their own operations; influencing suppliers to produce products with minimal environmental impact; and promoting eco-products and encouraging consumers to purchase eco-friendly products.

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