Friday, August 22, 2008

PAD calls out supporters one last time

PAD calls out supporters one last time

The People's Alliance For Democracy (PAD) last night called on its supporters to converge on Tuesday for its last protest march.

PAD core leader Sondhi Limthongkul told supporters to gather at Makkhawan Rangsan bridge, the main protest venue, before 8 am on Tuesday before marching to an undisclosed destination to stop the nominee government of Samak Sundaravej from working.

''I'm making one last call for people in the North to come down and the South to come up. We'd like to ask people in every sector to come out.

''We ask you to trust us, the PAD core members,'' Mr Sondhi told the crowds and supporters who watched the rally via satellite-based ASTV.

The place in question was widely speculated to be Government House.

A source close to PAD said yesterday that after sealing off Government House, PAD leaders planned to lay siege to the headquarters of NBT television station.

The PAD's main target was believed to be Khwam Jing Wan Nee (Truth of Today) programme co-hosted by former Thai Rak Thai executive Veera Musikapong on NBT.

The programme is widely seen as a tool of the Samak government to hit back at its critics.

Meanwhile, PAD yesterday called on the government to suspend big-budget schemes in response to His Majesty the King's remarks about monetary stability. Among the projects are construction of the new parliament worth 30 billion baht, the 110-billion-baht bus rental scheme, 120-billion-baht project to divert water from the Mekong river to feed the water-starved northeastern region, and the 70-billion-baht Suvarnabhumi airport expansion.

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