Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tak Bai bomb blast injures eight workers


Tak Bai bomb blast injures eight workers


NARATHIWAT : Eight workers were wounded in a bomb explosion at a pier in Tak Bai district on Thursday, local police said. The blast occurred around 9.40pm while the workers were carrying what was suspected to be smuggled pork from a boat at a pier on the Sungai Kolok river to a six-wheel truck parked on a river bank.

Police said the bomb was placed underneath a walkway to the pier and the explosion injured eight workers.

Police said the injured were admitted to a Tak Bai hospital.

A local militant group was suspected to be behind the attack, police said.

Elsewhere in Narathiwat, a policeman was shot dead in a drunken brawl in Sungai Padi district in the early hours of yesterday.

Police said Suradet Bin-arson, 37, was having a drinking session with volunteer ranger Wasant Bua-in, 20, before the brawl started.

Mr Wasant shot and killed Pol Sgt Suradet on the spot.

Mr Wasant fled the scene after the shooting, but later contacted his chief to say he would turn himself in to authorities.

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