Sunday, March 08, 2009

Airport shift protested

Airport shift protested

Don Mueang residents and demonstrators rally in protest of the move of Thai Airways International's flights from Don Mueang Airport, requesting the government to revise its plan and hold a referendum.

Don Mueang residents and representatives from State Enterprises Workers Relations Confederation (SERC) gathered in front of domestic terminal of Don Mueang Airport, calling for the Government to revise its plan to move THAI flights from Don Mueang Airport back to Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The airport shift is the result of the Government’s single airport policy, allowing flights to be operated solely at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Protesters pointed out negative effects from the airport shift, which include immediate unemployment of staff and entrepreneurs working in Don Mueang Airport as well as residents dwelling near the airport.

Mr Pruekpong Premsiri, a former Don Mueang member of Bangkok Metropolitan Council (BMC) said that the gathering was to request the Government to hold a public hearing through public discussions. Then, people will have opportunities to express their opinions towards the move while the Government will be able to use the referendum as a part of decision-making process.

Today, the protesters collected names of people disagreeing with the policy. Then, the names and the objection will be submitted to Transport Minister Sopon Zarum to postpone the airport shift.

National News Bureau of Thailand
08 March 2009

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