Sunday, March 08, 2009

DSI believes ID counterfeit gang collaborated by government officials

DSI believes ID counterfeit gang collaborated by government officials

Department of Special Investigation (DSI) announces its arrest of identification card (ID) counterfeiters and the case will be investigated, while government officials are believed to be involved with the case.

Deputy Director-General of DSI Police Colonel Suchart Wongananchai announced the arrest of ID card counterfeiters in Nakhon Phanom, which was used to benefit financially, while government officials are suspected as collaborators.

DSI issued arrest warrant of five suspects who were related to the case on charges of making, using or showing the counterfeit document for putting their own names or other people’s name in the house registration certificate illegally.

Currently three suspects had been arrested, Tun or Mr.Weera Pakdee a Myanmar citizen disguised as a Buddhist monk for immigrating and then counterfeiting an ID card, Mr.Phonsri Sornphang and Mrs.Duangjai Lehkon who counterfeit ID card for aliens, charging them at 100,000 baht per person.

DSU Deputy Chief added that according to an investigation, there were more than 300 aliens with counterfeited ID cards, which was considered high, compared to the number of arrested suspects, therefore the gang should be quite large and government officials might have collaborated in the case.

However he said that disguising as a Buddhist monk for entering the country was a sensitive case, which might affect national security and Buddhism, therefore DSI would accelerate the investigation and promptly arrest the rest of the gang.

National News Bureau of Thailand
08 March 2009

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