Monday, March 09, 2009

Permanent Secretary for Labor supports PM’s SSO reform concept

Permanent Secretary for Labor supports PM’s SSO reform concept

The Permanent Secretary for Labor has expressed consent today (March 9) to the Prime Minister's idea to reform the Social Security Office (SSO) into an independent organization, though noting that its benefit should first be weighed.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor Somchai Chumrat, as the Chairman of the SSO Board, today responded to an idea posed by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva for a transformation of the SSO into a public company or otherwise an independent organization. He remarked that the SSO does require an amount of flexibility and would stand to benefit from such a reform. He suggested however that the deliberation should be made based on the question of how much citizens would benefit from the change.

Moreover, Mr. Somchai pointed out that the idea had been considered in preceding to the current administration as well as his entry into office but was long left pending due to much attention being paid to solving the growing unemployment problem.

09 March 2009
National News Bureau of Thailand

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