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PM receives WWUG’s request to help women workers

PM receives WWUG’s request to help women workers

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva accepted requests from the Women Workers’ Unity Group, promising to help create nurseries and solve social security funds’ problems.

A group of ‘Women Workers’ Unity Group’ (WWUG) demonstrators had rallied from in front of the Office of the United Nations on Ratchadamneon Nok Road to the Government House to mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

Ms Plernpit Srisiri, the WWUG leader had filed a request to Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, asking the Government to set up more nurseries in industrial areas and renovate the existing ones to suit the needs of users as government welfare.

He said the ratio of women taking part in the management of nurseries must also be clearly and fairly stated in the law.

Furthermore, the group asked the Government to make the International Women’s Day as an official public holiday too.

After receiving the request, Prime Minister Abhisit admitted that abuse and the use of violence against women workers are always one of the prime issues of the Government.

Mr.Abhisit said that apart from law enforcement, another priority would be to create a proper attitude towards women workers. The media would be an important player in this respect. Still, the premier confessed that it might be difficult to solve labor problem during the current economic slump.

The Prime Minister confirmed the creation of more nurseries and said tax privileges would be granted for such nurseries.

Regarding the requests for social securities, the Prime Minister said that the Government had strong intention to reform the social security funds and would try to cover unregistered workers outside the system.

The Government aims to give all kinds of workers equal rights to the social security funds. Anyway, Mr Abhisit said that the amendment of the law and procedures involved would be taken into consideration.

Meanwhile, the Labor Congress of Thailand (LCT) staged a demonstration and made speeches at gate 4 of the Government House. The group also submitted a request to the Government to oversee compensation to unemployed people and to extend the unemployment period guarantee from eight to twelve months.

LCT also called for justice for workers, especially women workers who are affected by the economic slump and become unemployed according to the section 75 of the Labor Protection Act.

National News Bureau of Thailand
08 March 2009

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