Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Satit: Govt not involved with community radio closures

Satit: Govt not involved with community radio closures

Minister to the Prime Minister's Office Satit Wonghnongtaey said several community radio stations had been using improper wordings and violating the monarchy and affirmed no Government’s intervention in their closures.

Mr. Satit denied rumors that the Government would close community radio stations. He said that the decision to open or close a community radio station would be made by the Radio and Television Broadcast Subcommittee under the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Mr Satit said that he was informed of the letter sent to the community radio station FM 92.25 warning the use of improper wordings according to the complaints filed against the station. Mr Satit said that many other community radio stations would be put through legal proceedings for criminal charges also.

As the Minister in charge of the media, Mr Satit said that the Government had not ignored problems associated with community radio stations. He said that there had been so many complaints filed by the people indicating that some of the stations use agitating wordings against the Government and the monarchy.

Mr Satit also asserted that the subcommittee operated independently, not at the order of the Government.

Mr Satit said that the subcommittee would be working until the Organization of Frequency Allocation and Supervision of Radio Broadcasting, Television and Telecommunication Enterprises Act came into force.

The Act is expected to be in effect in about 7 to 8 months. Mr Satit said that license for operation of community radio station for community service would be issued as an initial measure for media reform.

National News Bureau of Thailand
10 March 2009

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