Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Police warns goods hoarders of legal actions

Police warns goods hoarders of legal actions

Pol Maj-Gen Amnuay Nimmano, Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, warned of legal action to be taken against those found to have hoarded goods during the flood crisis with 7 year imprisonment or a fine of 140,000 THB or both as maximum penalties.

The Deputy Commissioner requested wholesalers and retailers to stop such actions. If the Department of Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce, declares a new list of price control goods, hoarders will end up with a loss as the controlled price is set from the producers’ price plus the transportation cost which might be lower than the price set by hoarders.

Pol Maj-Gen Amnuay,moreover, urged that the sellers should hold on to their professional ethics and encouraged buyers to immediately report over-priced sales and goods hoarding to the police and the Department of Internal Trade. Maximum penalties are 7 year imprisonment or a fine of 140,000 THB or both.

The Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner stated that no burglary and theft case in the household of the flood victims had been reported so far; however, he believed that such reports would come up during the post-flood period. As for hundreds of cars parked on highways and bridges, the Metropolitan Police Bureau is providing safety for them by launching inspections around the clock. Also, he asked the public to strengthen the security protection in order to reduce crimes.

BANGKOK, 30 October 2011 (NNT) - Reporter : Boonyanut Chompan
News Date : 30 October 2011

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