Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Special Report: 10 ways to reduce stress during flooding

Special Report: 10 ways to reduce stress during flooding

Due to the flood crisis in Bangkok, the Department of Mental Health has suggested 10 useful ways to help affected people stay calm and take care of their mental health in order to live in this kind of situation.

1) Breathe in and out slowly for 2-3 minutes to pipe oxygen into the brain to reduce stress.

2) Sufficient sleep will enhance the abilities to make better decisions and to keep up with fast changing news stream.

3) Stretching body in relaxing manners will make a better sleep.

4) Stress forces people to turn their ear off; so do not forget to look after yourself.

5) Turn anxiety into action and empower each other with family and community bonds to prepare for the critical situation.

6) Do not insult, condemn or incriminate others. Avoid showing good intention in a way that might lead to conflicts and eventually to hurting one another.

7) Worries will start to disappear once you get to help other people. Volunteers are found with lower mental problems.

8) Read tales with your children since they can be stressful too.

9) The more you pay attention to others, the less suffering you encounter.

10) Spare time for meditation, praying and peace in mind.

Reporter : Boonyanut Chompan
News Date : 31 October 2011

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