Friday, January 11, 2008

People mourn over the loss of the great princess

People mourn over the loss of the great princess

Ups ten thousand of Thai people assembled together and paid respect to the portrait of HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana, who passed away early Wednesday morning, at Saha Thai Samakhom Pavilion, Grand palace.

After the His Majesty the King has permitted member of public to participate the ceremony at Grand Palace since last Wednesday.

Tipanant Payuwong, 44, was the one of many people who were crying after paid respect to the picture of princess.

She woke up very early in the morning to prepare herself and travel from Nonthaburi province and directly to Grand Palace to pay respect to the picture of princess.

After she had been inside the Pavilion, she sat in front of Sala Thai Samakhom Pavilion, held picture of princess at her left hand side, which she took from Thai magazine when she was four years old, and then crying.

"This pictures [picture of princess] is so important to me. The princess had inspired me to make merit and scarified my self to society. I always carried this picture with me all the time wherever and whenever I had visited."

"I was very shocked when I'd heard the news from television on Wednesday early morning about the death of princess," she said with her red eyes caused by nonstop crying.

"Because she had contributed many things to Thai society and that why I love her so much. I used to think that someday I want to be live her," she said.

Tipanant said she admired the princess and will follow the footsteps of princess to make merit for society.

While, The Asset Examination Committee (AEC)'s president, Nam Yimyam led a group of AEC's member to pay respect to the picture of princess in the early afternoon included Khunying Jaruvan Mainthaka, the auditor general and AEC's member.

Khunying Jaruvan said she felt so sadness when she heard that the princess had pass away. She used to serve the princess as the auditor for the princess's foundation to support the academic olympic competition when she was temporally withdrawn from the auditorgeneral position last two years.

"She had asked me for help and I worked for her because of her mercy which she gave to me and that's enough for me "

"At the first moment when I heard the news about the death of princess, I could not imagine what will happened to me." she said with the tremble sound.

Sirikorn Maneerin, the former deputy minister of Education, said the princess had contributed a lot of her property to the education program such as The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology which support funding and encourage Thai student to be trained their scientific and technological skill which could compete with other student around the world at the World Academic Olympic Competition.

"That's was a good thing for Thai student which the princess had done a lot for the education in Thailand particularly for science and technology," she said.

However, to mourning for the princess and memories member of public about the activities of princess, The Ministry of Cultures led by the director of public relation department, Pimporn Chaititsakul had distribute the book which commemorated for the The 84th Birthday Anniversary of HRH Princess Galyani Vadhana to people who would join to pay respect to the picture of princess at the Grand Palace.

About 700,000 books were published by the ministry and would be distribute to all people across country during the mourning period.

by Pongphon Sarnsamak

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