Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Puea Pandin/PPP coalition prospects still vague

Puea Pandin/PPP coalition prospects still vague

( – Key leaders of Puea Pandin party have not given any confirmation on the party’s decision on a government formation with the People Power party (PPP).

Core leaders met with chief adviser of the Puea Pandin party Wattana Asavahame earlier today and agreed that no concrete decision will be reached for the time being regarding the formation of a coalition government with the PPP.

Deputy leader of the Puea Pandin party, Mun Pattanothai, said a planned press conference had to be postponed to make way for a proper mourning period for the passing away of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana.

“We will wait until the nation has had at least 7 days to mourn before making any further statements,” Mr Mun said.

What is certain for now, is that Puea Pandin will be working with Chart Thai party no matter what.

Meanwhile, six Puea Pandin party candidates remain under investigation by the Election Commission for suspected electoral fraud.

14:30 Jan 07, 2008

More election winners report for duty

( - 260 election winners certified by the Election Commission have so far reported to work at the House of Representatives on the fourth day of registration.

A total of 22 winning candidates arrived at the House of Representatives this morning, including Mr Korn Chatikavanij, Chamni Sakdiset and M.R. Sukhumbhand Paribatra.

Registration is expected to pick up later on in the afternoon when Chart Thai party leader Banharn Silpa-archa leads a team of Chart Thai MPs to the registration point.

People Power party member Chalerm Yubamroong is also expected to report himself for office today.

The Election Commission has so far certified 397 winners.

13:40 Jan 07, 2008

Council of State backs Buri Ram red cards

( -The Council of State has ruled in favour of the Election Commission’s decision to red-card three People Power party (PPP) candidates in Buri Ram Province for suspected electoral fraud.

The PPP and its three candidates – Prakit Poldet, Pornchai Srisuriyanyothin and Rungroj Thonsri – failed to convince the Council of State that the disqualification by the Election Commission’s head office in Bangkok was too harsh. They had suggested that the results be voided and the candidates be allowed to run in a by-election in constituency 1.

The Council of State’s decision comes on the same day the Election Commission is considering 75 more cases of fraud.

So far the EC has certified 397 winners. Among the 83 who have not been approved are 65 winning members of the PPP.

12:38 Jan 07, 2008

PPP deny naming new leader

( - Secretary-general of the People Power party (PPP) Dr Surapong Suebwonglee and PPP leader Samak Sundaravej has described as ‘sheer rumour’, reports that the PPP would soon be welcoming a new leader.

“There is no truth in this report” Surapong stressed, while Mr Samak was confident that the report was ‘part of a rumour-mongering campaign.’

In the latest developments on the formation of a government between the PPP and the Puea Pandin party, Mr Surapong said that the three core leaders of Puea Pandin need only hold a press conference to make the coalition agreement official.

11:31 Jan 07, 2008

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