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Database News : Thursday December 06, 2007


HR training is key


To keep pace with technology trends, Software Park Thailand has revamped its strategy called Software Park 2.0, which focusses on IT skills development, strengthening software entrepreneurs and the promotion of ICT utilisation.

The industry was moving towards a post-knowledge-based economy and thus IT human resources played a very important role, explained Software Park Thailand director Suwipa Wanasathop.

She told Database that Web 2.0 was the future and the industry had to get ready in terms of human resources.

"The concept of Web 2.0 is openness, collaboration and sharing while Software Park is a linkage between IT people and the industry sector," she said.

The Software Park 2.0 strategy concentrates on human resource development, with three pillars: IT skills development, strengthening marketing skills and software process improvement, as well as promoting ICT utilisation.

The agency has been allocated a 333 million baht budget for three-year projects and the director said that to promote ICT utilisation, there would be around 10 of these. Software Park was now working with the logistics sector to run a supply chain business, figuring out a way to link the whole value chain, Suwipa said.

In terms of HR development, Software Park aims to train some 4,000 IT people in skills, giving them expertise as software architects, project managers, computer engineers and in IT security within three years. Suwipa said it was necessary to build an understanding of information security among high-ranking officials because CIOs were directly responsible for security matters and thus it was necessary to build trust in the organisations.

Software Park was now designing a Professional track for IT security executives and targets to have around 300 IT security experts in 2009.

Three measures that Software Park will address include public-private partnerships, bridging the gap in the areas that private sector did not do, such as financial funding offers to train for CISA and CISP certifications and community building so that there will be a forum for experience sharing.

By : Bangkok Post

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