Monday, March 09, 2009

Interior Ministry forms 17 teams to examine entertainment venues

Interior Ministry forms 17 teams to examine entertainment venues

The Ministry of Interior sets up 17 special sub-committees to randomly check entertainment venues both in Bangkok and local provinces from March 15 onwards.

Deputy Interior Minister Boonjong Wongtrairat said after chairing a meeting to present policies in entertainment venue examination that the meeting had approved the setting up of 17 special sub-committees ito examine entertainment venues. The sub-committees are made up of government officials of the Interior Ministry, representatives of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), and the representatives from the police.

6 teams would be responsible for the Bangkok area, while the other 11 teams would be responsible for local provinces. They would randomly examine the entertainment venue in order to strictly enforce the law concerning tourists’ safety, license, entrance and exit layout, and the insurance of guests.

Any entertainment venue that fail to meet legal requirements would be warned with 15 days to rectify or its license renewal would be affected. The special sub-committees would start their duty on March 15. They would examine at day time, while police would examine at night time, and their works would be evaluated two times a month.

The Deputy Interior Minister added that the ministerial regulations were in the process of revision and would be proposed to the Cabinet later.

09 March 2009
National News Bureau of Thailand

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