Monday, March 09, 2009

Wildfire Raged in Chaiyaphum’s sugar cane plantations

Wildfire Raged in Chaiyaphum’s sugar cane plantations

Chaiyaphum Province in the Northeast still daily faced with wildfire which just burned sugar cane plantations of villagers.

4 families in Chaiyaphum’s Phu Khiao District had difficulty to stop the wildfire burning their sugar cane plantations for the lack of water. They needed to wait for fire engine from Ban Phet Sub-District before it could extinguish the fire in an hour.

The fire originated from the forest near the foothill which spread to the plains where villagers had their sugar cane plantations of over 1,000 rais in area. The sugar cane had dry leaves which were highly inflammable.

Villagers said if the fire engine came 10 minutes later, their houses might be burnt down as they had not enough water to stop the fire.

09 March 2009
National News Bureau of Thailand

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