Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Phua Thai Party to propose PM dismissal on Mar10

Phua Thai Party to propose PM dismissal on Mar10

Phua Thai Party will propose the dismissal of the Prime Minister on March 10, and remains confident that coalition parties and opposition parties will accept if the information is revealed.

Phua Thai Party’s Members of Parliament (MP) of Yasothon Pheeraphan Phalusuk , who was responsible for the submission of a no confidence motion on the Prime Minister had revealed the progress of the no-confidence debate preparations that the executive board of the party agreed to submit dismissal proposal of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on March 10 and submit no-confidence debate on the Prime Minister and the Cabinet on March 11.

The Prime Minister would be debated for his dismissal on 14 issues, such as ignoring to maintain the country’s benefit and breaking the law.

The executive board of Phua Thai Party believed that if the information was revealed to public, the coalition parties and the opposition parties would accept the information.

Meanwhile ministers who will be debated and the Phua Thai Party MPs who will be debaters will be finalized on March 11. Currently Opposition Chief Whip Witthaya Buranasiri was assigned to select MPs who would like to join the debate.

National News Bureau of Thailand
9 March 2009

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