Tuesday, March 10, 2009

THAI Labor Union opposes the move to Suvarnabhumi Airport

THAI Labor Union opposes the move to Suvarnabhumi Airport

Thai Airways International (THAI)’s labor union opposes moving all THAI flights to Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

President of THAI Labor Union Jamsi Sukchoterat together with THAI employees had submitted a petition to the Senate Committee on Consumer Protection and on Transportation, seeking THAI's continued service providing at Don Muang Airport. They argued that it was not reasonable to move all operations to Suvarnabhumi Airport in order to save 640 million baht of expense, if the executives had vision, they should find the way to increase income and see the opportunity to compete with other airways, but not destroying the company’s competitiveness with this plan.

Moreover the government’s policy of “Single Airport” had not been clarified as there were still other airlines that provide their services at Don Mueang Airport. However if the Suvarnabhumi Airport was developed in the second phase, Don Mueang Airport could be used as maintenance center, and the company could then move all services to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Meanwhile both committees affirmed to examine the petition for transparency and maximum benefits of consumers.

National News Bureau of Thailand
9 March 2009

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